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Meet Dr. Tony Miller

I am inspired to help transform lives!

Dr. Tony grew up in Strasburg, Pennsylvania not far from Life Potential Chiropractic’s location. ” I knew that I wanted to help people but it wasn’t until my college years that I discovered exactly how I could make an impact in the lives of children and families”.

Dr. Tony with his amazing wife Emily and their two boys, Gabe and Gus

Chiropractic Changed Our Lives

Just before embarking on his path to becoming a chiropractor, Dr. Tony’s wife Emily went through a life changing health crisis. After months of testing, a definitive diagnosis was finally given. Emily had been diagnosed with Crohn’s disease. The young couple then struggled with the rat race of traditional medical treatments as Emily’s health deteriorated.

During this challenging time in their lives, Dr. Tony began attending chiropractic college at Life University. As he learned more about the overall health benefits of chiropractic care, he encouraged Emily to seek the care of a family focused chiropractor. “It literally changed her life. We were told that this is something we would just have to deal with for the rest of our lives and that we would not be able to have children. That wasn’t going to be an option for us…We knew that our lives could be different, we knew Emily could be better.” Emily is now a healthy and awesome mother to their toddler son, Gabe.

Dr. Tony experienced firsthand the healing powers of our body with a properly functioning nervous system guided by gentle chiropractic care. “As a family we got to experience a rebirth of life and now we are able to inspire other mothers and fathers that their children, their families can have a transformation of life.”

Advanced Training in Pediatrics and Family Care

Gentle adjustments for healthy and developing babies

From his training and clinical work, Dr. Tony’s approach is radically different. Dr. Tony shares with concerned parents that many of these conditions have a common cause and can have a real solution.

In light of the extraordinary results families experience, he has been invited to join The National Wellness Foundation and Epic Pediatrics where he continues training across the United States with other pediatric and family focused chiropractors, to help children and families. Dr. Tony has 100’s hours of advanced pediatric training including training in helping children with ADHD, Sensory Processing Disorder, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Anxiety, Weakened Immune Systems and Digestive disorders.

Embracing Family, Supporting Community

Dr. Tony, Emily, and their son Gabe enjoy spending time outside in their big, organic garden. They love seeing Gabe play in the dirt and embrace life as a busy toddler.

Dr. Tony looks forwards to getting to know your family. Contact us today and see how chiropractic can help your family live their best life

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