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Chiropractic Care

Our unique approach to care is designed to facilitate higher levels of health and vitality

The nervous system is the command center for your entire body. It controls every function, and to be truly healthy and express a level of health that is vital, it must be able to freely adapt to the cycle of stressors involved in today’s world. When the brain and nervous system loses its ability to adapt to stress, the brain becomes fatigued and stuck in a pattern of stress that is when symptoms such as pain, energy loss, poor immune system function and health conditions are experienced.

Rather than focusing on only reliving your symptoms, we facilitate your brain and nervous system back into a place of ease and coherence, so your body can heal as it needs to.

The Benefits of Chiropractic

We emphasize the importance of chiropractic care for infants and kids of all ages. The benefits that babies can see include better digestion, sleep and immune system function. In older children, they enjoy greater confidence, self-awareness, self-control and peer-to-peer interaction.

Adults under our care, particularly moms, have more mental clarity, while dads can feel released from an overload of stress.

The New Patient Journey

banner-what-to-expectWhen you begin care with us, we’ll start with a goal of discovering why you’re expressing the current pattern of symptoms. We’ll discuss the sources of your stress and do a full examination, including scans with the Insight™ Subluxation Station to locate where the nervous system is fatigued and stuck in a place of stress and determine your potential of adaptability. After reviewing all information, we’ll create a specific plan that’s designed to facilitate greater ease in your body, over time, through the chiropractic adjustment.

As your brain and nervous system heals and increases its adaptability to stress, you can transition into vitality care, which allows you to continue to enhance the function of your body and the positive changes you’ve made over your lifetime.

Gentle Techniques to Enhance Neurology

Dr. Tony uses several different techniques to facilitate your healing. This approach allows for specific, gentle adjustments that don’t aim to move your bones but instead enhances your brain and neurology back to a place of ease and greater adaptability so you can thrive.


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